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Financial Capability

Educated buyers are more likely to achieve their financial goals. The NHN provides counseling and education to help individuals know where to go for help and take other actions to improve their present and long-term financial well-being. The services incorporate appropriate access to, and the  understanding of financial products, services, and concepts that families use daily.




The NHN works as a trusted partner to our Affiliates in the areas of financial capability, helping them build and grow programs by providing access to innovative services, resource, and models.


Emerging research suggests that financial lessons are best learned when incorporated into a "point of sale" moment, or when a person is already seeking assistance to manage a change. In partnership with our Affiliates, we are developing ways to make sure financial counseling and education are provided with appropriate support services. Without proper support, people would have to extract the relevant lessons from a financial counselor or education program, and then apply them to their situation, leaving them in danger of failure.


Another critical piece of financial capability is access to appropriate, safe and accessible financial products. To do this, NCLR is developing different projects designed to bridge the worlds of financial counseling and education, and those in the financial services field. Historically, NCLR has engaged in projects that seek to link clients to various kinds of mainstream financial products and services. We continue to pursue these where possible, but have also begun to explore other models that tie together access to financial services with financial counseling.


To learn more about your Financial Capabilities options call the NHN Counseling Connection line
at 1-888-532-3021.

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