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Housing Counseling

Whether you’re buying a home or in need of immediate foreclosure prevention assistance, it makes sense to have a neutral party on your side acting as your personal financial advocate. Housing Counselors educate and empower individuals to make informed choices and avoid pitfalls.


In 2015, the NCLR Homeownership Network provided counseling services to more than 41,500 families.


Housing Counselors
can help you:

• Qualify to become a homeowner

• Achieve your short- and long-term financial goals

• Qualify for good, affordable mortgage terms

• Potentially reduce your mortgage insurance costs

• Reduce your risk of mortgage delinquencies or defaults

• Become less vulnerable to unscrupulous lenders

• Review your financial situation and prepare a budget

• Determine available options for your situation

• Negotiate with lenders and creditors every step of the way

• Increase chances of qualifying for loan modification

   or other relief programs

• Resolve delinquencies, defaults and prevent foreclosure

• Get back on track and regain solid financial ground

The NHN provides the option of receiving counseling by phone or in person at one of our

50 NHN affiliated local HUD-funded housing counseling agencies across the country.

Our counseling agencies are trusted sources that provide consumers of all ages with housing and financial counseling on a variety of subjects including pre-and post-purchase, rental, HECM (reverse mortgage) or homelessness counseling. To find a housing counselor in your local area click here.


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