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NHN Programs to Support Affiliates

The NHN engages in a variety of programs to support our network of Affiliates, helping them maximize the resources and outreach efforts. By leveraging the national reach of our affiliate network, we engage HUD

and other partners to maximize federal and private funding sources for our Affiliate network while assisting agencies with grant administration, quality control and invoicing process of these grants. The NHN also has national fee for service and grant relationships with banks like Ocwen, Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Citibank that allow us to get funded counseling opportunities out to our affiliates.


The NHN can also provide financial health and operational assessment of agencies to identify and recommend opportunities for the organization to build strong capacity and improve its performance. We help you with a variety of metrics including measuring capacity, quality of work assessments, production improvement recommendations, compliance review, and delivery efficiencies.  All  recommendations are based on best practices, and in compliance with industry rules and regulations. Technical assistance plans are formulated around these processes and procedures with numerous hours invested with each Affiliate agency, and are deployed through a variety of methods including in-person, via Skype, and by telephone.


In understanding strength through communication, Affiliate best practices and successes are shared through ongoing monthly communications that allow the agencies to learn from within and tap into some of the innovations inside the network. Housing counseling industry updates and advocacy opportunities are also shared with to the network so that in turn the Affiliate perspective is taken into account while “at the table”

in advocacy meetings across the country.





HUD Comprehensive Grant – an annually awarded grant to support housing counseling across the network in areas like pre-purchase, rental, financial, post-purchase, reverse mortgage counseling in both one and one and workshop formats.


National Foreclosure Mitigation Program – an annually awarded national grant aimed

at supporting homeowners facing foreclosure issues.


OCWEN Partnership- an Ocwen partnership with our NCLR homeownership network on a fee for service basis aimed at outreach to clients suffering from defaulting loans seeking to provide them alternatives to recover from this status and remain in their homes.


Wells Fargo- a Wells Fargo fee for service relationship aimed at supplementing funding to network agencies that assist clients through their foreclosure concerns via a direct resolution process between NCLR and Wells Fargo representatives looking for quicker more efficient resolutions to clients mortgage concerns.


In addition, the NHN also works to create and implement a global campaign aimed at helping NHN  affiliates reach their target audience, focused on needs and support services surrounding current housing issues. Below are a few samples from past program initiatives that the NHN has developed

to support the affiliate network:

Some of Our Programs

Fair Housing Campaign

Independent Foreclosure Review

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Housing Counseling Program


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